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About Us & Our Products

Having left my former job role in engineering for Aston Martin, I set about creating a business that would incorporate both my family farm and sustainability. We are a small family farm on the outskirts of Warwick producing cereals and lamb all year round and in 2019 we set about building a sustainable agri-food business with the aim to make farming practices more environmentally friendly. In addition to strengthening the relationship between farmers and consumers, whilst encouraging the practice of buying local produce, thus Hemp Whole Foods was born.

Our product is cold pressed hemp seed oil, that is grown, pressed (under license) & packaged on our farm in Warwick by myself. Hemp seed oil is a great and balanced source of omegas, ala’s and gla’s. Hemp seed oil is a far more sustainable tastier alternative to olive oil and has 40% less saturated fat. Hemp also has a whole host of health & environmental benefits too.

Our aim is to farm with the future in mind and reduce our carbon footprint as best as we physically can, in conjunction with producing great food with zero waste. We pride ourselves on being a zero waste company, we encompass every part of the plant. We grow a French food and fibre variety of hemp which provides us a multitude of bi products. These bi products are sent away to make clothing, candles, housing materials, cosmetics, cleaning products, animal bedding and even animal feed. On top of this our bottles are made from recycled glass, recycled paper and hemp twine.

Our efforts towards sustainability was recognised in 2020 where we won a British Farming Award for Arable Innovation, this was a very proud moment for the team as the business was very much still in its infancy. 12 months on we were nominated for Diversification Farmer of the Year & Environmental Champion 2021 by the Farmers Weekly.

Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority followed by educating customers on hemp and the wonders that the plant possess, with small household changes we can all help reduce our carbon footprints and have a more positive impact on the world. We ensure to give 100% quality and service to all our customers which are always supplied with a smile and maybe even a cheeky tipple at Christmas. We are always only an email away and usually reply within the same day, any questions or if you can’t find anything please don’t hesitate to get in touch hempwholefoods@gmail.com.

Ed & The Hemp Whole Foods Team

BFA 2020 Winner Arable

The Hemp Journey

From Field to Fork

Hemp Whole Foods
Step 1
The hemp seed is sown late spring and then simply left to grow. We do not apply any pesticides or herbicides to our hemp crop.
Hemp Whole Foods
Hemp Whole Foods
Step 2
The crop is then harvested late autumn, the seed stored for pressing and the stems bailed for animal bedding and textiles.
Hemp Whole Foods
Hemp Whole Foods
Step 3
The seed is then pressed, packed and labelled by hand to produce our wonderful cooking oil.
Hemp Whole Foods

Why choose hemp?

Amazing Hemp Facts

Did you know that hemp seed is the single most complete source of nutrition in the entire plant kingdom and the most complete source of protein for vegetarians? These tasty hemp seeds contain the essential fatty acids and amino acids your body cannot produce on its own; health, vitality and well-being wrapped up in a little shell and an excellent source of dietary fibre as well.

Hemp can grow nearly anywhere in the world and in many types of soil e.g drought land hence the name “weed” (the world needs weed) it has a short growth cycle of 120-145 days.
Hemp helps purifies soil though a process known as phyto/bioremedeation this is the uptake of heavy metals and replenishes essential nutrients, this makes hemp the ideal break crop.
Hemp can be grown completely organically meaning ZERO pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Natural fertilizer (animal faeces) can be applied.
Hemp is one of the fastest and best absorbers of atmospheric Co2, it locks it into the soil and the plant itself through photosynthesis, giving the plant its renowned strength and durability. A 20 acre field of hemp will sequester more Co2 than that of an equal sized forest over 25 years.
Hemp is a high-yield crop. One acre of hemp produces twice as much oil as one acre of peanuts, and nearly four times as much fibre pulp (for paper) as an acre of trees.
Hemp produces a multitude of products, food, fibre, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, recreational, stationary, housing materials and even wood.
Do not confuse CBD oil with hemp seed oil, although there are minute percentages of CBD in hemp oil the two are not to be confused. Hemp seed oil is a fantastic food product that contains many health benefits in itself but it does not contain the pharmaceutical properties of CBD, it also taste far better. Please read labelling carefully and be cautious of where you purchase your CBD oil from, don’t fall for misleading labelling and marketing tactics.
Hemp has the strongest (and longest) plant fibre in the world, resistant to rot and abrasion, and was in long use before DuPont patented nylon in 1937. It was used for ship rigging, military uniforms, parachute webbing, baggage and more.
Because of its strength, hemp fibre can be used for composite materials that could be used to make anything from skateboard decks to car interiors and stealth fighter bodies.
A hemp composite material (with limestone and water) forms a type of concrete (hempcrete) that can be used for home building, at 1/3rd the weight. It also acts as insulation and repels some vermin and regulates air quality.

Hemp oil can also be hydrogenated to make hemp wax for candles, a far more suitable, ecologically friendly alternative to soya & paraffin wax.